The Love That The Blind Man Has Found

In my brief stay in the most liveable city, I have had many everlasting memories, but this one will stay with me forever. I met this beautiful couple at Swargate bus stand in Pune when I went there to say goodbye to a friend. Right in the middle of the crowd and rushing buses. Both … Continue reading The Love That The Blind Man Has Found


Not just another night

It's 3 am, you are still awake in your bed staring at the roof You want to close your eyes but you can't The turmoil of thoughts won't let you sleep You want to scream but you can't the whole hostel will wake up You choose to keep staring at the roof. You have been … Continue reading Not just another night

The Train

" झुक झुक आगिनगाडी धुरांच्या रेषा हवेत सोडी, पळती झाडे पाहूया मामाचा गाव ला जावू या" The children's rhyme in Marathi was playing in mind as I clicked this photograph. The rhyme is about a kid's holiday plan to go to his uncle's place by train. I used to sing it all my childhood just … Continue reading The Train

Why Do You Love Me?

Two years after Kritika was gone, I was trying to keep myself busy in the office work. The only constant I had in my life was Raghu, he stood by my side through all thicks and thins. I missed Kritika a lot. Although she wasn’t my first surely she was my last love. Life with … Continue reading Why Do You Love Me?